Why Choose Det 585?

Distinguished Graduates

10% of each AFROTC detachment can be nominated for the the “Distinguished Graduate” honor, the highest graduation honor. These students are considered to be the Air Force's future "cream of the crop" and are recognized as Distinguished Graduates from ROTC for the remainder of their career. Since Detachment 585 has fewer than 10 graduates each year, all of our nominees meet a higher headquarters selection board. Yet over the past several years, more than 25% of Detachment 585's cadets have received the Distinguished Graduate award. 

Supportive Environment

The program at Detachment 585 is designed to develop the skills needed as an Air or Space Force officer through a supportive and welcoming environment. In the fall, new cadets are matched with mentors in the detachment to facilitate support and develop a team atmosphere. 

Convenient Location

Detachment 585 at Duke University is located directly on Duke's campus, which makes it easy for students to get to and from the detachment! On top of that, our cross-town school, NCCU, is only 10 minutes down the road. 

New Cadet Orientation

Before each fall semester, we hold our annual New Student Orientation (NSO) to acclimate new cadets to Air Force ROTC. This voluntary program is designed so college students from Duke and NCCU can focus on the basics of Air Force ROTC while building a sense of teamwork and camaraderie with their classmates – all before they have to worry about keeping up with college studies. Graduates of NSO frequently say that it cemented in their minds that Air Force ROTC was right for them.