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Detachment 585 Commander's Welcome

LT Col Theriault

Welcome to Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Detachment 585! Established in 1951, Detachment 585 is located at Trent Hall on the campus of Duke University and proudly serves both Duke and North Carolina Central University. Our mission is to produce exceptional leaders and officers for both the Air Force and Space Force. This program is designed to provide men and women the opportunity to become military officers while earning a degree. Upon graduation, students who have successfully completed this program will receive a commission in either the Air Force or Space Force.

I invite you to check out our website and associated Air Force websites to get an idea of what this program has to offer. Whether you are a prospective cadet, a parent of a prospective cadet, a current cadet, or a friend of Detachment 585, I trust you will find the information useful and entertaining. Thanks for visiting, and please call or email us directly with any further questions!

There are many reasons why Detachment 585 is the best AFROTC detachment for you:

  1. Model New Cadet Orientation program—immerses each new cadet into cadet/Air Force life.
  2. Outstanding extracurricular activities: AF base visits, paintball, Duke basketball, color guard, volunteer opportunities, social events, and much more!
  3. Incredibly talented and diverse cadet corps from Duke University and North Carolina Central University. 
  4. The absolute finest instructors--selectively assigned by HQ AFROTC and approved by Duke University faculty committee--must have a Master’s degree or higher to be considered.
  5. A small detachment size allows for incredible leadership opportunities for all deserving cadets.
  6. Graduates from Detachment 585 can qualify for every job within the Air Force!

Best regards,
Lt Col Michael Nishimura
Commander, Detachment 585 AFROTC

If you have questions left unanswered, my team and I are standing by to answer them, please email us: det585@duke.edu