Professional Military Course


So you graduated Field Training, now what?

Professional Officer Course Track

If Junior and Senior Cadets wish to be considered for entry into the last two years of the program (AS300 and AS400), they must meet certain requirements:

  • Successfully complete all General Military Course requirements
  • Be a United States Citizen
  • DoDMERB (medically) qualified
  • Officer potential based on the following qualitative factors: grade point average, physical fitness scores, Commander's evaluation, and AFOQT scores.
  • Successfully complete the 2-week summer Field Training Leadership Exercise at Camp Shelby, MS

Once you are enrolled in the POC, you will attend class three hours a week and participate in a two-hour weekly Leadership Laboratory. 

Additionally, upon successful completion of the aforementioned requirements, you will not only enter the POC, but you will also contract into the world's greatest Air Force by raising your right hand and repeating the oath!